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bringing diversity to life

We were invited to design a diversity and inclusion team day for ASOS’ remote and multi-national team as part of a week-long strategy meeting.

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To help the remote and multi-national team embrace and understand the various culture, custom, age and hierarchical perspectives within the organisation, encouraging them to feel engaged and valued for their differences.


We facilitated a series of experiential activities helping the group to familiarise, break down perceived barriers and build on shared experiences. This created a stronger more galvanized, high performing team that confidently celebrates differences and uses them to their advantage.

  • Experiential facilitation
  • Team building
  • Purpose and values
"I felt this really broke down boundaries and built new relationships. We will definitely work together better and I will no longer worry about having to ask someone for help, as I feel I know them on a greater level now!" Team day delegate
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